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Famed bedroom trader reveals his wealth secrets as he guns for 1 billion
The man who made the market for SoftBank that winter morning was sitting in pajamas in a bedroom cluttered with manga. He was ... Then it was on to the next trade for the former video game champion and pachinko gambler who goes by the name CIS ...
26-09-2014 08:41:15

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Yakuza dead souls playstation 3 review push square
There's very little new in the form of side activities: bowling, arcades, baseball, pachinko, casino, mah-jong, karaoke (which is at its bafflingly comical best), darts, golf and table tennis all return, largely unchanged from their format in previous games. There are some ... Dead Souls is far from a graphically impressive game – while…
27-03-2012 18:00:00

Kazuo okada battles steve wynn for casino goldsea

An intense legal war is raging in a Nevada court between casino mogul Steve Wynn and Japanese pachinko machine tycoon Kazuo Okada, a man once seen as Wynn's savior and closest friend. A feud erupted into the media ...

13-07-2012 00:11:18

How the yakuza make money introduction and cheating

I've heard rumors of various schemes to cheat in the Pachinko parlors (the state “sanctioned” casinos in Japan). I'm going to describe one particular ... Beyond that, the building was reserved for families, and only me or one of two other men ever lived there. This is typical yakuza, brazen to the ... He was a middle-aged salaryman…

14-05-2011 08:00:00

Bloomberg on pachinko mutantfrog travelogue

As Japan's economy shrank at an annual 12.1 percent pace in the last quarter and revenue slumped at Las Vegas casino companies like MGM Mirage and Las Vegas Sands Corp., the 23 trillion-yen pachinko industry is on a roll. Sales from the ..... When an engine stalls out and the air conditioning goes out it doesn't take long for the…

31-03-2009 03:00:55

Pachinko parlor daily pc game reviews

Pachinko Parlor is an action-casino game that simulates the many varied and colorful Pachinko mechanical machines found widespread in Japan. A favorite recreational gaming pastime of the Japanese, this pinball-like game ...

15-02-2013 01:27:00

Japan might try its luck with casinos the seattle times

"It would be an engine for fiscal revival and job creation that wouldn't require raising taxes," said Takeshi Iwaya, a member of the group of legislators from six parties, including the ruling Democrats and their main opposition Liberal Democrats. ... Casinos in Japan would compete with existing forms of legal gambling, including…

31-12-2011 15:01:04

Wynn vs okada battle is getting interesting chellie 39 s world

After what appeared to be an amicable 12 year business relationship, Casino Mogul Steve Wynn has ceremoniously dumped Kazuo Okada from the board and forced a redemption of shares at a steep discount. Now the gloves ... Okada, an engineer who started his career repairing jukeboxes has made much of his fortune manufacturing gaming machines for…

19-03-2012 19:05:30

Metropolis arts amp entertainment otaku gambling

On this cold winter morning, a group of young Japanese men is milling about in front of pachinko parlor Akiba Island. In the queue is Kentaro Ishizaki, a 35-year-old systems engineer. Ishizaki counts as his vices gluttony for anime and lust for ... Indeed, Akihabara boasts a maid casino called Akiba Guild (pictured) and a cosplay mahjong parlor…

17-12-2009 06:08:33

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