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The story held plenty of surprises, but the real draw was its unique cast, especially the bond between engineer Shion Uzuki and her creation KOS-MOS, an armored gynoid. All three games explored plenty of religious ... If the licensing weren't so strange (Shadow Hearts is owned by a company that now produces Pachinko machines), this one would…
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This tutorial shows you how to hack online RTG casino s using an auto clicker and Cheat Engine The purpose is to basically robot through the play through re

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Boxed pixels game 026 pachinko wars

Pachinko may be a national obsession in Japan, but outside of this country now one has ever heard of it. To me as a westerner I'd never felt so confused by what I was seeing. Rows of business man, sat in front of machines, ...

10-01-2014 09:00:00

Japan casino legislation due in april pachinko parlors look

Japan could introduce its casino legislation in April; pachinko parlors look abroad to stem revenue decline; footie bet law changes coming. ... Ozawa told GamblingCompliance that Reformation could act as the “engine” to “move the bill to be submitted to the parliament.” Ozawa insisted it was still possible that ... Kirk April 22, 2014.…

11-03-2013 03:37:40

How the yakuza make money introduction and cheating

I've heard rumors of various schemes to cheat in the Pachinko parlors (the state “sanctioned” casinos in Japan). I'm going to describe one particular ... Beyond that, the building was reserved for families, and only me or one of two other men ever lived there. This is typical yakuza, brazen to the ... He was a middle-aged salaryman…

14-05-2011 08:00:00

Kazuo okada battles steve wynn for casino goldsea

An intense legal war is raging in a Nevada court between casino mogul Steve Wynn and Japanese pachinko machine tycoon Kazuo Okada, a man once seen as Wynn's savior and closest friend. A feud erupted into the media ...

13-07-2012 00:11:18

This month in gaming history february 1984 2014 kaiju

Following on from the 2002′s Fusion, Zero Mission was a remake of the Famicom/NES original Metroid with Fusion's Super Metroid styled engine running things. Offering added storytelling cutscenes, and some epilogue ...

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Bloomberg on pachinko mutantfrog travelogue

As Japan's economy shrank at an annual 12.1 percent pace in the last quarter and revenue slumped at Las Vegas casino companies like MGM Mirage and Las Vegas Sands Corp., the 23 trillion-yen pachinko industry is on a roll. Sales from the ..... When an engine stalls out and the air conditioning goes out it doesn't take long for the…

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