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Property information
Address: 1106 South Main Street, NE 68733-3654, Emerson, United States
Phone: (402) 695-0180
Fax: (140) 269-50189
Address: Emerson, United States
Casino Square Footage: 2000
Hours: Sun-Thu 9am-11pm, Fri-Sat 9pm-1am
Property Owner: Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska
Racebook: No
Restaurants: 1
Slots: 124
Sportsbook: No

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Iron Horse Bar and Casino and Native Star Casino are located in the rolling hills of northeast Nebraska, in Emerson and Winnebago, respectively. These two system installations will raise the number to eight new casinos ...

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Hi there, The Ohiya Casino & Bingo is one of the biggest casinos featuring 195 gaming machines, 100 bingo seats, and a restaurant. The Iron Horse Bar and casino in Emerson are great places where you can try Nebraska ...

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We have repaired iPhones, iPads, iPods, Cell Phones and Tablets for Emerson Nebraska customers that may have broken at a few of the likely places noted below - just a guess on our part: Ironhorse Bar & Casino. Emerson City Swimming ...

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