01/18/2014 2 By 2 Winning Numbers

2 By 2 Results for:
Saturday 18th of January
Country: United States
Draw Time: 01:18:2014 22:30PM
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Florida 01/2014

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01/18/2014 2 By 2 Winning Numbers in the News

Pick 3 texas lottery

For another way to win, play the Sum It Up!® feature. If the sum of your three (3) single-digit numbers is the same as the sum of the three numbers drawn, you win! Ticket sales are not available during Draw Break, from 9:48 – 10:03 a.m., 12:15 ...

07-09-2013 08:52:30

Daily 4 texas lottery

(12XX, X12X, XX12). For another way to win, play the Sum It Up!® feature. If the sum of your 2 single-digit numbers (if you play any of the Pair play types) or 4 single-digit numbers is the same as the sum of the four numbers drawn, you win!

14-09-2007 21:03:45

Powerball texas lottery

Number Correct, Prize Amount, Texas Winners, Jackpot1 Option, Total2</sup> Prize w/Power Play, Power Play Winners ... *Note: Texas Lottery Commission only reports the payout information for Texas winners. For payout ...

29-10-2014 07:00:00

The minute after northwestern inside the hall indiana

Who is the last coach to win the big ten? Hmm… Oh, but he had two lottery picks. So the players win the games and the coach loses them. Makes sense. Last year our players must have just overruled everything Crean said in ...

18-01-2014 22:18:53

Pcso 6 42 lotto results january 18 2014 lotto results

PCSO 6/42 Lotto Jackpot Prize: Php 6,000,000.00. Winning combinations in any particular order. PCSO 6/42 Lotto Draw Date: 01/18/2014. Lotto PRIZES: Up to P25,000 for 5 winning numbers, Up to P1000 for 4 and P20 for 3.

17-01-2014 17:42:10

Powerball winning numbers powerball results 01 18 2014

A comprehensive guide to Powerball lottery results, previous winning numbers and general information. Learn about ... Powerball winning numbers drawn Saturday, January 18, 2014, in United States of America (USA) are:.

18-01-2014 08:00:00

Vast stretches of impoverished appalachia look like they

Thinking about the future here and its bleak prospects is not much fun at all, so instead of too much black-minded introspection you have the pills and the dope, the morning beers, the endless scratch-off lotto cards, healing meetings up on the ..... Two points. First, obviously what these poor folks need is medical insurance with a $6000…

18-01-2014 16:19:03

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