01/22/2014 Texas Lotto Winning Numbers

Lotto Results for:
Wednesday 22nd of January
Country: United States
State: Texas
Draw Time: 01:22:2014 00:00AM
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Winning Numbers:
Next Draw:01/25/2014
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01/22/2014 Texas Lotto Winning Numbers in the News

Powerball texas lottery

To play, choose five numbers from the first field of 59 numbers and one Powerball number from the second field of 35 numbers or simply ask your lottery retailer for a Quick Pick. For only $1 ... Powerball Winning Numbers for 10/29/2014 are:.

15-01-2012 20:03:45

Pick 3 texas lottery

For another way to win, play the Sum It Up!® feature. If the sum of your three (3) single-digit numbers is the same as the sum of the three numbers drawn, you win! Ticket sales are not available during Draw Break, from 9:48 – 10:03 a.m., 12:15 ...

20-10-2010 19:30:03

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