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Tuesday 4th of February
Country: Poland
Draw Time: 04:02:2014 00:00AM
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Yes college athletes should be paid but not as employees

UConn standout and future NBA lottery pick Shabazz Napier said recently that he supports Colter's quest. Napier ... Under the collective bargaining model, should the backup kicker who rarely ever plays be eligible to earn the same benefits package that the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback receives? ... US ground troops heading to Poland in…

11-04-2014 21:30:08

Obamacare show us your fixes the daily caller

... the system, even the affluent, should be subsidized to some extent — as opposed to the shut-up-and-take-it approach of backers like Jonathan Gruber, who argue that middle class “genetic lottery winners” who happen to be ...

13-03-2014 00:16:40

A list of 97 taxes americans pay every year zero hedge

In a previous article entitled "24 Outrageous Facts About Taxes In The United States That Will Blow Your Mind", I listed a number of reasons why our federal income tax system has become a complete and utter abomination ...

26-03-2014 00:00:33

A seed of anxiety boise weekly

While a book with themes of mental illness, youth culture, religion and the correctional system could be adopted by any number of causes or groups and waved as a flag for awareness, Down in the River is not a statement.

02-04-2014 11:00:00

Pup slams attacks on protestant homes belfast newsletter

PUP representative Billy Mawhinney has condemned sustained attacks on Protestant homes by republicans at a Belfast interface between Workman Avenue and Springfield Road.

03-02-2014 09:26:36

Need a small business loan seven ways to improve

Unless you possess unlimited deep pockets on account of your late daddy's legacy or you just won the Powerball lottery, the chances are pretty good that at some time in the life of your small business, you are going to have to borrow ... Your task is to convince your lender that doing business with your company will be a win-win situation. ...…

24-08-2013 19:14:28

The divergent fates of sarah palin and shirley sherrod by

The $75,000 spending binge at Neiman Marcus, the tawdry tabloid family drama, the failed reality TV show; it's like something out of a warning pamphlet for lottery winners on how money can ruin your life. Sadly ironic perhaps ...

30-01-2013 17:25:29

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