Georgian Honciu

About Georgian Honciu
Birth date: April 24, 1989
Birth country: Romania
Position: Midfielder
Club: Chindia Târgovişte

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Atac bun aparare problema

Pe lista marcatorilor, în acest moment, sunt doar cinci jucători, cei mai buni fiind Georgian…

22-10-2014 20:03:09

39 unreliable 39 brits mean shropshire taxi firm is turning to eastern europeans

Cristian Honciu - Cristian, a French teacher while in Romania, came to the UK 11 months ago. He…

08-01-2014 11:04:20

Dinamo se califica dupa prelungiri cu fortuna poiana campina

Honciu a scapat pe contraatac si a sutat putin peste poarta. Dinamo a replicat imediat prin Rotariu,…

24-09-2014 20:52:30

Foto chindia se pregtete pentru liga i la 1 600 de metri altitudine

Iată lotul deplasat de FC Chindia Târgovişte în primul cantonament din 2012: Dorian Perianu,…

15-01-2012 16:40:29

Ghenosu ritual satanic pentru uciderea unui duman

Unul din cei ameninţaţi cu moartea de interlop este Ion Honciu. Ghenosu era supărat pe acesta…

26-08-2011 15:08:41

Judge rules against n.j. sports betting, but state plans to appeal
As expected, U.S. District Judge Michael Shipp sided with five sports organizations — the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAA — who filed a lawsuit saying the state's plan would hurt the integrity of their games and violate a federal ban on sports wagering ...
22-11-2014 04:34:09

Decision expected on n.j. sports-gambling law

TRENTON - A decision is expected Friday on a lawsuit by the NCAA and professional sports leagues to…

20-11-2014 22:09:05

In new jersey, a court fight over sports betting

TRENTON — The lawyers battling to allow sports betting in New Jersey did not contain their disdain…

21-11-2014 04:32:07

St. francis athlete rejects disabled label, excels in 3 sports

A spirited debate was brewing along the St. Francis-Mountain View sideline last month on whether the…

21-11-2014 07:03:45

Movember and other crazy sports traditions

As we all know, sports are full of different traditions that both fans and players take part of.…

21-11-2014 18:11:48

Sources: charlotte's jeff taylor won't appeal 24-game suspension

Despite the pronounced public backing of his union, Charlotte Hornets forward Jeff Taylor will not…

21-11-2014 20:29:23

How jason collins, the nba's first openly gay player, changed sports forever

Eighteen months after Jason Collins shook the world of sports by coming out as gay in an article for…

21-11-2014 20:47:14

'you're fired!' chicago sports radio hosts find out they're toast on air

Those were just some of the words flowing from Chicago sports talk radio host Ben Finfer's mouth…

22-11-2014 06:34:43

Americans favor legalizing sports betting, poll shows

TRENTON — As New Jersey continues its years-long battle to legalize sports betting at the…

22-11-2014 17:04:38

Road map for purdue sports laid out

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – In January Purdue University Athletics Director Morgan Burke will…

23-11-2014 00:30:00