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Sullivan | olympic college sports feel pinch
Just as professional sports leagues depend on America's colleges to provide their skilled labor, so too does the president of the United States Olympic Committee. Because runners, swimmers and wrestlers generally require more subsidies than do football ...
23-10-2014 21:37:13

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Aia approves first transgender athlete to play a sport

The AIA, Arizona's high school sports governing body, doesn't have legislation that opens…

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9 unc employees fired or disciplined in scandal

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What if other sports coaches wore uniforms like mlb managers?

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Nfl looking to cash in on nj sports wagering

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China wants to trigger a sports industry boom

“There are great opportunities for foreign investors, particularly in areas such as sporting…

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Nj sports betting: at least one sports league likes the taste of wagering

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Nfl, sports entities seek restraining order against nj sports betting

The “belligerent” actions of state officials and the state's thoroughbred horsemen has…

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Sports-talk radio finds a home in milwaukee

With some sense of adventure, just a little fanfare and virtually no promotion, an all sports-talk…

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Great hearts' consolidation plan for sports scrapped

Scottsdale Prep defensive line coach Scott Saville (left) and head coach Shawn Wright work with…

24-10-2014 05:48:10