Wira Wama

About Wira Wama
Birth date: October 24, 1989
Birth country: Papua New Guinea
Position: Attacker
Club: Hekari United

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Wira wama weaves his magic once again

THE player many love to hate, Papua New Guinean Wira Wama just can't stop fantasying. It's…

26-07-2012 23:05:27

Hekari duo for babasiga lions idc campaign

Hekari United football duo, Kema Jack and Wira Wama could be arriving in the country this week to…

25-09-2012 02:41:15

Ready to roar

However, Hekari United players Kema Jack and Wira Wama, who joined the Labasa soccer side yesterday,…

22-07-2012 00:26:54

Issa on fire

... Remueru Tekiate, Kiniviliame Naika, Malakai Tiwa, Laisenia Naioko Raura, Sanni Issa, Marika…

13-04-2013 21:37:30

Wama saves labasa

IMPORT Wira Wama turned on the magic in the final five minutes to guide Labasa to an unlikely 2-1…

11-10-2012 23:03:23

New transfer window proposed

Ilaitia Tuilau, Pita Bolaitoga, Taniela Waqa, Maciu Dunadamu and Wira Wama missed out on the…

22-06-2013 21:03:45

Hefty price for player transfers

Nadroga's Archie Watkins, Sitiveni Watkins and Luke Rawadamu are also fined and under indefinite…

05-12-2012 19:52:30

Road map for purdue sports laid out
WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – In January Purdue University Athletics Director Morgan Burke will post the department's five-year road map for Purdue's 20 sponsored sports. The plan includes specific details in the categories of athletics, academics ...
23-11-2014 00:30:00

In new jersey, a court fight over sports betting

TRENTON — The lawyers battling to allow sports betting in New Jersey did not contain their disdain…

21-11-2014 04:32:07

Sources: charlotte's jeff taylor won't appeal 24-game suspension

Despite the pronounced public backing of his union, Charlotte Hornets forward Jeff Taylor will not…

21-11-2014 20:29:23

The bench-playing journeyman who changed american sports forever

Eighteen months after Jason Collins shook the world of sports by coming out as gay in an article for…

21-11-2014 20:47:14

New jersey to appeal judge's ruling

A U.S. District Judge ruled in favor of the NCAA and four major professional sports leagues Friday…

22-11-2014 04:39:14

Federal judge strikes down latest new jersey attempt at sports betting

According to the Associated Press, Judge Michael Shipp has ruled that the latest effort by New…

22-11-2014 06:03:21

'you're fired!' chicago sports radio hosts find out they're toast on air

Those were just some of the words flowing from Chicago sports talk radio host Ben Finfer's mouth…

22-11-2014 06:34:43

Watch: saturday's sports

Mel Busler attendedand filed a report for Saturday's sports. We were also at the North Country…

23-11-2014 03:29:11

Cuban agrees with silver on betting

"I think we're the world's biggest hypocrites when we say, 'Oh, we don't want…

23-11-2014 03:31:15

Sports fandom hits a new low

It's another example of just how far sports fandom has fallen, but, more than that, it's a…

23-11-2014 06:41:15