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Origin: Ukraine
City: Enerhodar
Country: Ukraine
Birth Date: 1980.00.00
Name: Yuriy Horbenko
Age: 33
Rated At: Cruiserweight

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Sports lunacy vs. sports calm
One day, if someone's crazy enough to let me, I'm going to create a sports radio show called “Don't Fly Off the Handle Like a Lunatic,” which will be (hopefully) sponsored by a day spa, a herbal tea and Sade's latest album, and will have only two rules ...
24-11-2014 02:11:08

Chronicle sports columnist ann killion nominated for award

“Ann Killion provides an honest, declarative voice in a sportswriting environment cluttered with…

22-11-2014 22:30:58

Cuban agrees with silver on betting

"I think we're the world's biggest hypocrites when we say, 'Oh, we don't want…

23-11-2014 03:31:15

1 dead, 2 wounded in shooting outside s. houston sports bar

HOUSTON – A shooting after a birthday party inside a sports bar left one person dead and two…

23-11-2014 18:32:37

Unified sports set to make debut in maine

The unified sport — which has been available in New England states such as New Hampshire and Rhode…

24-11-2014 01:26:57

Gossip column: herrera, schar, robertson, shaqiri, rodgers

(Fox Sports Australia). Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho says their impressive start reminds him of the…

24-11-2014 01:46:15

Lion charges pats' knees on last play

Detroit didn't have much fun in New England, getting their manes handed to them 34-9. So you can…

24-11-2014 01:52:00

Hanley ramirez, pablo sandoval agree to red sox deals

Ken Rosenthal of FoxSports.com reported that Ramirez, a shortstop, will arrive in Boston on Monday…

24-11-2014 07:14:23

Saunders: four dandy sports documentaries

Verne Lundquist, Mark Cuban, the late Lyle Alzado and Christian Laettner. Four diverse sports…

24-11-2014 08:56:15

Samaritan, osu unveil new sports medicine center

Mullins added that a unique feature of the project is that Dr. Douglas Aukerman, a sports medicine…

24-11-2014 16:03:45